4-H Record Books Online

Great news posted on the District 9 website!!:

The Texas 4-H Recordbook system is now available online…. 4-H ers will be able to maintain their recordbook online.

The system will be fully available for use starting October 15, 2011!

Important Details:

  • There will be three (3) levels of recordbooks based on 4-H age (junior, intermediate, and senior).  Information requested  for each level will progressively add on to each other.  The junior & intermediate books will be significantly simplified from the current recordbook.  The senior level book will be similar to the current record book with some minor edits.
  • Parts of the report form will be standardized to allow for ease of completion and judging .
  • Much of the data from previous recordbooks that a member may have saved on their home computer may be ‘cut and pasted’ into the new forms.
  • All 4-H members (juniors, intermediates, and seniors) will begin using the new online forms or new paper forms that will be available for download from the Texas 4-H website beginning with the 2011-2011 4-H Year.
  • Recordbooks will still  be printed and turned in (in hardcopy form) to be judged by the deadline set by your local County Extension Office.

Stay tuned….

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