4H Pecan & Peanut Fundraiser

It’s time for yummy pecans and peanuts…which means it’s time to start selling them so we can raise money for our club and the Adult Leaders Association.

…Durham’s brochures will not be ready until mid September so we are going to have to start selling without them!…

Delivery will be 2nd-3rd week in November.…

Please note that Durham has cut out some items this year and we are offering all that they are offering.  They are also requiring us to purchase only cases – no singles.  This means we will have extra product to peddle this year.…



Since there is no brochure until mid September, you can download the Mix Details PDF.  Also, download the 2011 Fall Order Form PDF.  Please collect money when taking orders.

Our club’s deadline is Saturday, October 8.  Please bring order forms and collected money to the Saturday practice on that day.

If you have any questions, contact Pablo Herrera or Debbie Perez.  Or ask questions in the comments.  Let’s start selling!

You can use the form below to contact Pablo and Debbie.

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