Concession Stand at Olympic Trials


The club has a fundraising opportunity that I want to
discuss with everyone. As some of you may know, the first leg of the Olympic
trials for recurve archery is being held at TAMU on September 28th
to October 1st. One of our very own coaches and graduated 4-H
members, Max Sera, will be competing in this shoot. The TAMU Archery Club is
hosting this shoot and has asked me if our 4-H club would like to run the
concession stand to raise money for our group. The only problem is that we
would need to have people there the following times:

September 28th-noon to 5pm

September 29th-7:30 am to around probably 3 or 4

September 30th and October 1st-Elimination
rounds so not sure the exact times (won’t be a full day)

So since this is during school, we basically need to know if
our homeschoolers or parents will be able to run the stand for us. This will be
a very cool experience if we decide to do this.

We need to decide in the next few day if we are willing to
do this so I can let Ms. Lorinda know either way.

I will be there the whole time Thursday and Friday but am
unavailable on Wednesday and Saturday. Please let me know if you can help and,
if you can, what time(s) and day (s).



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