Important News for Livestock Exhibitors

Extremely Important: Livestock Exhibitors!

If you are planning on entering into any Major Livestock Show (Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, San Angelo) you MUST have a Quality Counts Verification Number.

To get this number for EACH exhibitor an online test must be taken and passed with an 80%. There is a Junior level exam and a Senior level exam. There are study materials for the exam on the website as well. You will verify that you are in Brazos County and which youth organization you are showing under. If you are in Brazos County 4-H you select 4-H. If you are in FFA, select FFA. If you are involved in both programs, select Both. This will send your number to our 4-H database, your FFA advisor or Both of us. You will also be able to print a certificate for your records that will have your number on it.

We will be entering livestock shows during the month of November. The exhibitors verification number must be submitted with the entry or you will not be allowed to enter. I am requesting that Brazos County 4-H member that plan on entering the Major Livestock Shows have taken the exam and acquired their  Quality Counts Verification Number by November 1, 2011.

The link to the Quality Counts website is:

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