Bow for Sale

Howdy all,

I have a friend trying to sell his recurve setup so he can get into compond. The following is what he is selling.

The riser is a “Hoyt Aerotec RH 23”

The limbs are a “Hoyt 550 carbon/wood 32# long”

this is everything else:
Cartell sight
cavalier clicker
7 ACG’s (spine 660)
2 cartel 11″ side rods
cartel extender
cartel V Bar
Cartell 30″ long rod(all the cartel stabilizer stuff matches.)
and Aurora Bowcase(the red backpack)
Retail…. roughly $1500. He is asking $850.
This is a pretty good deal. Can’t remember everything about this bow but I’m pretty sure everything is in good condition.

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