“Deep in The Heart” 4-H & FFA Movie

I’m not sure how late our archery club may be for this but we should decide fairly quickly if our club is interested in joining in.  If you are interested, please share your thoughts on our Facebook group or contact me. Read below

If you didn’t already know, there is a movie coming out in February called “Deep in The Heart”. The movie is a biopic about Dick Wallrath who is a major contributor to 4-H and FFA. If I am not mistaken our own Preston Sturdivant, State 4-H President 2010-2011, even had a cameo in this movie!

Well, Brazos County 4-H Council had a wonderful idea to have a “movie day” at Cinemark in College Station to show our support for the movie.

The movie premieres on Saturday, February 18th. To rent one theatre with 285 seats for the county to watch the movie together, the cost would be $1,068. That means we need to sell 285 tickets at $3.75 per ticket to reserve the theatre for Brazos County 4-H. The official times have not been posted, but it will likely run before 4:30 p.m.

I would really like to see Brazos County show their support by having a special “movie day”. Please let me know if this is something your club would be interested and an estimation of how many tickets your club would need.

If we can’t sell all the tickets to 4-H we might also consider combining this event with B/CS FFA clubs as well.

I would love to have your thoughts on this activity!

Thank you!

Emily Judah
Brazos County 4-H Council President
Equestrian 4-H Club President

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