Record Books

County 4-H Record Books are due on May 31st….so I know what you are thinking, “Oh, that’s about two months away so I’ll start in May.” Bad idea! Haha. The sooner you start the better, that way when May 30th comes around you won’t be scrambling and pulling an all nighter to get it done and turned in!  Record Books can be very confusing especially if you are new to 4-H. So I am very willing to help you with your Record Book since I have had five years of experience and know the ins and outs of them. There are new forms this year (they are online now which makes them a lot easier to fill out) but the general concept is exactly the same. There are also new levels of difficultly for each 4-H age group which is a absolutely wonderful! I am helping a lot of 4-H’ers this year with their books, so please get with me ASAP so we can find a time to work on them and get you started. You will not finish them in one session which is why it’s good to get started now. You will keep adding information to our book until about the week before they are due since a lot will happen 4-H wise in the next two months…..officer elections, competitions, community service events, etc. But once you have most of the information done, adding this information is easy as pie.

Just contact me if you are interested via e-mail, phone, or text.

Melanie Sera

Archery Club President

571-4220 [call (please leave me a message if I don’t pick up) or text]

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