Reminder: Monthly Meeting 4-26-12

We’ll be having our April Monthly Meeting Thursday, 7pm to about 8:30pm, held at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

If you have anything to share and report, please let our reporter know.  You can use this contact form if needed.

Before the meeting, please check out the post on the Brazos Food Bank signup.  Follow the doodle link and add yourself if you want to volunteer.  We’ll need this information for the meeting.

Lately, our meetings have had light attendance.  I’m asking that club members please make time for monthly meetings, particularly this one as we will be nominating and electing club officers.  (Officer inductions will take place at the May meeting.)  If you need officer handbooks, you can check out the post Monthly Meeting 3/22 that has links to that information.

At this meeting, we will be voting on an important bylaws amendment.  Also, we’ll talk about end of year items and recordbooks.  Thanks and see you there!

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