April Monthly Meeting

Don’t forget about the April Brazos 4-H Archery Club meeting monthly meeting that is tonight at 7 pm at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

We will have officer election tonight for the 2012-2013 4-H year, so please make sure you come to vote for who will be the leaders of your club next year. I encourage you to run for an office as it is a great experience and will also be a plus for your 4-H record book, college applications, and scholarships when you get older. The officers always have lots of fun together and the little extra time it take is definitely worth it! You will need to give a short spill about yourself…just what you do in 4-H, how long you’ve been involved, how old your are, what school your go to, what offices your are running for, and why you should be elected. Just stuff like that, nothing too fancy is needed.

Also, we will be voting on a By Law revision. The follow additional amendment is up for vote.

There must be a minimum of twenty percent of the club’s membership present at any particular monthly meeting in order to have a quorum and vote on items of business in the club.

The reason for this additional article is due to the fact that we have not had large turnouts at monthly meetings; therefore, technically we have barely ever had a quorum (the minimum amount of people that need to be present to vote). We have about 40 people register on 4-H Connect (our club membership) which means without this amendment/article we would need at least 20 4-H’ers present at our meetings to vote…we have had around 10 youth at every meeting; therefore, this revision is necessary for our club to properly conduct business in the future.

We also have lots of additional business to talk about including results from events, club t-shirts, JOAD facility, upcoming 4-H contests, record books, and some other items.

See everyone tonight!
Melanie Sera

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