After April Meeting: JOAD practice location

As mentioned at the meeting:

Gander will close the archery range and convert it to a gun range sometime in the near future.  This is where we have our JOAD practices on Tuesday evenings.  We need ideas for a place that is indoors & lighted (due to practices being during the week in the evening).  The place will either need to have archery targets or be able to store targets for when we need them; moving the trailer is tough enough once a week, don’t need to move twice a week.  Our budget is very small so it needs to be free or near free.

Sullivan’s may be an idea but we are likely to be charged.  Even if we got a deal, it likely will still be too much for our small budget.

The Rec center archery range is not an option; it’s only for students and/or the TAMU archery team.

Austin’s Colony archery range is outside and will not have enough lighting.

Because my memory isn’t so great, even if you’ve mentioned something before, I ask that you email your ideas to me; I want to compile them in my email inbox.  You can use my contact form.


Pablo Herrera

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