2012 Summer Camps

It’s Camp Time!!! To check out all of the 2012 Summer Camps at the 4-H Conference Center in Brownwood, go to http://texas4hcenter.tamu.edu/youth-camps-and-retreats/
For reimbursement of ½ the youth registration and all of adult chaperone registration, you will need to mail/email or fax a copy of your payment confirmation to the Brazos County Extension office. Reimbursement will take place after all camp registrations have closed. This reimbursement is for registration only, it does not include late fees, t-shirts or camp store deposits. All camp registration is through the 4-H Conference Center website not 4-H Connect.

If you have more questions, please contact our office.

Gina Hoyt
Administrative Assistant
Texas AgriLife Extension
Brazos County

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