Recordbook Deadline reminder

Don’t forget……….If you plan on turning in a Recordbook the deadline to have them in to the County Extension office is Thursday, May 31st. Attached is the Brazos County Recordbook Judging Form (to be filled out) and Scoresheet (fill out top part only) which must be included with your recordbook. Covers for your recordbook can be picked up “free of charge” from our office. For more information and forms go to the State website at

Download Brazos County Recordbook Judging Form & Scoresheet (PDF)


Recordbook Scoresheets

If you are turning in a Recordbook, please use the updated scoresheets that are provided in the attached guide rather than the one sent in the previous email. You will still need to fill out & turn in the County Judging sheet that was sent.

Download rb_family_guide (PDF)

Gina Hoyt
Administrative Assistant
Texas AgriLife Extension
Brazos County

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