2012 Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Championships

For ALL CLUBS who will have kids participating in Archery, Rifle, Pistol, Muzzleloading, Hunting or CLOVERS at the 2012 Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Championships, YOU MUST follow the instructions athttps://tx4hssgames.org/registration/2012_RPMH_Registration_Instructions.pdf to register your club and shooters for events at the match.  4HConnect collects the fees and orders t-shirts, but it does NOT get you registered for events.

Latest updates and other information is being posted to the bulletin board at https://tx4hssgames.org/registration/bulletins.php
I will be using this same bulletin board at state to let you know when scores have been posted and things of that sort.  Right now it is telling you about changes we have made to the tools when problems are found.

Two quick notes…

1) Make DOUBLE sure that your email address is correct when registering.

2) Immediately after registering a CLUB you will receive an email at the email address you gave.  That email will have a link in it that you must follow in order to get a club identification code which is required for shooters to register.  Please do NOT throw away your email.  IF you don’t get the email quickly, contact us so that we can figure out what happened.  In most cases to date the problem has been that the email address was wrong (see note 1) or that the message went to their spam folder, so double check.

Lots of clubs are already registering… More improvements to come… But now is the time to register…  Let me know if you have any problems.

Jennie Dietrich
2011 Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Championships – Chairman

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