2012-2013 Major Stock Show Updates

Hello major stock show exhibitors! The 2012/2013 school year is in full swing and we are off to a great start. Many of us are already making plans for the upcoming major stock show season! Attached to this memo is a list of the major stock show updates that the shows presented to us this summer at our state agent conferences. While this information is accurate at the time of print, it is in no way official. I encourage you to visit and bookmark each shows own website to get the official premium books and information. Those websites are listed on the last page of the attached document.

In order to show at any Texas major stock show, you must be a 4-H member. Please enroll in 4-H no later than October 31 to ensure that you are eligible to show at the majors. To enroll in 4-H, go to https://texas.4honline.com and enroll/re-enroll for the 2012/2013 school year. Also please be aware that stock shows fall under the UIL “No Pass No Play” rule and eligibility will be checked before each show.

All major show exhibitors are also required to be a Quality Counts verified exhibitor. Youth must become Quality Counts certified as a junior and then again as a senior. To become certified, please visit the following website, enroll, and complete the required quiz. You will have to have your Quality Counts number for major stock show entry night. The website is: http://agrilife.org/qualitycounts/verification/. If you complete the quiz last year and have not changed age groups, then your number from last year is still valid.

Also, you need to be aware of the following dates:

  • September 20 – San Antonio Scramble Applications due to CEO
  • September 21 – Major swine tag orders due to CEO. (All barrows as well as CTBR gilts for San Angelo must have a state validation tag)
  • October 1 – Fort Worth, Houston, Star of Texas Calf Scramble information will be available. Entries are done on first come/first serve basis.
  • October 5 – Major show broiler orders due to CEO
  • October 22 – Major Show Lamb and Goat Validation at the Expo Center
  • November 1 – Major Stock Show Entries at the Brazos Center, 6pm-8pm
  • November 20 – Catch up major show entry night at CEO, 5-6pm.
  • November 26 – Major Show Swine Validation at the Expo

Please take special note to the Major Show Entry Night on November 1, 2012. ALL MAJOR SHOW ENTRIES (Fort Worth, San Antonio, San Angelo, Houston, and Star of Texas) will be available and taken on this night. If you plan on entering Fort Worth, you MUST enter on November 1. There will be a catch up entry night on November 20 for anyone that cannot make it on November 1 for San Antonio, San Angelo, Houston, and Star of Texas.

Judging Contests, Public Speaking, Skill-a-thons, Ag Mech, etc. – These entries are due at the same time as all other major stock show entries.

These entries will be available as soon as they are released from the stock shows in our office or on their websites.

I look forward to a great major stock show season and working with the young people of Brazos County. As always, if you have any questions regarding Brazos County 4-H, the state validation processes, or Texas major stock shows, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Download 2012-2013 major stock show info (ZIP)

Dustin Coufal
County Extension Agent, Brazos County | Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

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