UPDATE: Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A : Oct 3 & 11

Update / Correction from the District Office!

The location for the Thumpers and Jumpers and Brazos 4-H Archery Club Spirit Nights at Chick-Fil-A announced last week was incorrect.  They are NOT at the Texas Avenue location, but ARE going to be held at the South College Station [Hwy 6/William D Fitch].

Thumpers and Jumpers 4-H club is having a spirit night at the Texas Ave
Chick-fil-a on Wednesday, October 3 from 5-8pm. Come out and eat at
Chick-fil-a and give your receipt to the Thumpers and Jumpers kids there.
They will get a portion of the total donated to them by Chick-fil-a. Have a
great meal out and help a local club at the same time.

The Brazos County Archery club will be having the same kind of spirit night
on Thursday, October 11 at the Texas Ave. CFA from 5-8pm. Please spread the
word and help support our local kids. We hope to see you there!!

Angela Hinton

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