Raffle – Cavender’s Boot City

I’ve got word from the very friendly folks at Cavender’s Boot City (Highway 6 S, where the frontage road and Holleman Dr meet). We can set up on the sidewalk outside their establishment to sell raffle tickets. We can do this anytime during their open hours, Mon-Sat 9am to 9pm or Sun 12 to 6pm. The best place to set up is on the south side of the building. Make sure to stay clear of the front doors (so we don’t obstruct customers from being able to enter). When you get there, let the salespeople know you are there to sell raffle tickets for our club. If you need a sign, please contact me; we have a b/w 2′ x 3.5′ sign. We can lend a little foldout table if needed. This is a great chance to sell raffle tickets!! Let me know if you’ll be out there.



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