Reminder – Record Books!!

Don’t wait till the end to work on your record books! Check out
You’ll find instructions and videos that help you create your record books. You can use the site to prepare a hardcopy. However, note: for intermediates & seniors, the story and photo portfolio may need to be done elsewhere since many judges request double-spacing, and last I knew, the website editor doesn’t have the capability.

The extension office said:

All hardcopy record books are due in the County Extension office by Friday, May 24, 2013

  • Each record book must include a County Judging Form (see attached)
  • Covers are needed for your record book and can be picked up, free of charge, at the County Extension office
  • Find forms and information at
  • Record Book page order – see Family Guide section (same as forms link)
  • Each record book must include:
    • County Judging Form, filled out & paper clipped to inside cover (mandatory)
    • 4-H Record Book Checksheet (if being judged)
    • 3 Score Sheets with top part filled out & paper clipped to inside cover (if being judged)

Call (979) 823-0129 or email the county extension office with any questions.

County Record Book Judging Form

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