Club Meeting 2013-04-25

We are having our April 25th meeting at Westminster Presbyterian Church from 7 pm to about 8 pm.  We have several items on the agenda to cover including two community service events, end-of-year party, 4-H club shoot, 4-H & JOAD awards & pins, and officer elections.

Members, please think of suggestions for the end-of-year party.

If your 4-H’er is interested in running for an office, please let me know (by email) which offices your 4-H’er would like.  Responding soon would help for the ballots.  They can run for more than one office but can only be elected to one office.  We’ll vote for one position at a time, so if they don’t get one, they may have a chance at a later position.  Please also fill out the attached form (for my records) and bring to the meeting.

Agenda will be provided at the meeting.

B4HACOfficeCandidacyForm (PDF)

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