4-H Nationals Results

2014 National 4-H Shooting Sports results posted on http://4h.unl.edu/ntlshootingsportsinvitational/results

Day One

Congrats to Annie and the Texas recurve team; they placed 3rd in Field.
The Texas compound team placed 7th in FITA.

Day Two

Texas compound team placed 4th in Field.
Texas recurve team placed 5th in FITA.

Day Three

Texas compound team placed 1st in 3D!!
Texas recurve team placed 6th in 3D.


Texas compound team takes 1st place!!
Texas recurve team takes 4th place!!
Matt Dawson takes 3rd place compound individual!!
Peyton Modesitt takes 7th place compound individual!!
Noah Newman takes 4th place recurve individual!!

In other shooting sports:
Texas air pistol team takes 1st!
Texas hunting team takes 4th!
Texas muzzle loading team takes 2nd!
Texas shotgun team takes 2nd!
Texas small bore pistol takes 2nd!
Texas small bore rifle takes 4th!

Texas is the National 4H shooting sports champion!!

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