2015 ½ 3-D, ½ Field Archery Tournament

The B4HAC 2015 ½ 3-D, ½ Field Archery Tournament has been rescheduled!

When: June 13, 2015
Where: 1715 Louis Street, Bryan, Texas 77803
Google Map: http://goo.gl/xMm6Yl

9:00 am Check-In & Equipment Safety Check
10:00 am Competition Begins

$15 Registration Fee per Bow taken on site.

Outdoor 15 Target 3D course, 1 arrow per target.
Outdoor 7 Field Targets with 4 arrows per target.
(3D & Field distances vary with age category per 4-H rules).

No range finders, however, binoculars are allowed.
Awards will be given for top three in each division for 3D & Field scores combined.

Afterwards, if time permits, we will have a clout practice for those interested.

There will be a concession stand or food truck onsite.

Pre-register through June 11, 2015.
pre-register link: http://goo.gl/forms/mlHHAPtwmy

For more information, contact Pablo Herrera.

For a pdf flyer: 2015-06-13 B4HAC half 3d half field info

  • General 4-H archery rules apply.
  • 3D/Field Max distance
    • Juniors – up to 30 yards
    • Intermediates – up to 50 yards
    • Seniors – up to 60 yards
  • Clout distance
    • Juniors – 70 meters
    • Int & Srs – 110 meters
  • Water will be provided on site.
  • 3D and Field will be in a wooded area and clout in an open area; dress appropriately.
    • Bring bug spray and watch for poison ivy, etc.
    • Mud boots may be needed depending on weather.


(These Rules apply to all members, guests, and visitors)

  1. Children under 17 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.
  2. Wear closed toe shoes.
  3. Broadheads and firearms are not allowed on the range at any time.
  4. Absolutely no sky drawing. Bows must be drawn down range towards the target.
  5. No alcoholic beverages may be carried on or consumed on the range at any time.
  6. Before firing an arrow be sure the area behind and around the target is clear of all living creatures and objects that could be endangered.
  7. If you must look for a lost arrow place your bow in front of the target or leave another shooter at the target so others will know you are behind the target.
  8. Hunting or shooting at any living creature is not allowed on the range or property at any time.
  9. Wait until all arrows have been shot before going down range to pull your arrows.
  10. No glass containers.
  11. No smoking allowed on the range (only in the parking lot).
  12. Be considerate of other shooters and guests.
  13. Treat the property with respect. Vandalism and theft will be prosecuted.
  14. Always think and shoot safely. Let everyone have fun.
  15. There are women and children participating at our events. Vulgar or profane behavior will not be tolerated.
  16. No rangefinders allowed at competitive events.
  17. Cameras and/or video cameras are welcome.
  18. Spectators and friends are welcome. Please leave pets at home.

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