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D-9 Shooting Sports Leader Coach Training

Information has been posted on the D-9 4-H website.

2016-05-28 Invitational Clout Shoot

–UPDATE– The shoot has been canceled due to weather and ground conditions. We hope to reschedule for a later date.

When: Sat May 28, 2016
Where: 1715 Louis Street, Bryan, Texas 77803

8:30 am Check-In & Equipment Safety Check
9:00 am Orientation & Start

  • No fee but donations welcome
  • Six ends of six arrows, total of 36 arrows
  • Clout with 42.5’ horizontal target on ground


  • 4-H Seniors and Intermediates — 110 meters
  • 4-H Juniors — choose 75 meters or 110 meters

For more information, contact: Pablo Herrera

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2016-06-05 Brazos County 4-H Field Archery Tournament

Due to the likeliness of rain and flooding this weekend, the field shoot has been cancelled.  Watch for future announcements as we may reschedule for a future date.

When: Sun June 05, 2016
Where: 1715 Louis Street, Bryan, Texas 77803

8:00 am Check-In & Equipment Safety Check
9:00 am Orientation & Competition Begins

$15 Registration Fee per archer taken on site
or $40 per family

  • Outdoor 14 field targets at marked distance –
    4 arrows per target
  • Lunch break (concession stand or food truck onsite)

Max distance:

  • Juniors – up to 30 yards
  • Intermediates bb/nasp – up to 30 yards
  • Intermediates comp/rec – up to 50 yards
  • Seniors bb/nasp – up to 50 yards
  • Seniors comp/rec – up to 60 yards
  • Adults – up to 60 yards

Awards will be given for top three in each youth division.

Register through Thur June 2, 2016.
Register at

For more information, contact: Pablo Herrera

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D9 4-H: Applications Open for Shooting Sports Ambassadors

Information for applying to be shooting sports ambassadors has been posted. Follow the links below.

2015 D9 Shooting Sports Coach Training

2015 December 4-5

Burleson County

Registration Oct 22 – Nov 22

See for more information.

Club Member in WacoTrib story

Our 2013-2014 club president, Josh, has his photo in a story about the TFAA State Indoor Championship in Waco.

Live Oak Archery!

If you’ve not heard, Sullivan’s Outfitters is now Live Oak Archery (located here). Talking to Live Oak owner Jeff Tolson and the bowtechs there has been very encouraging. They want to support 4-H and JOAD archery and want to work more with our club. Though there are many good archery shops in the region, I think it’s safe to say that Live Oak is our go-to local shop. If you make a trip to Live Oak, let them know you are part of our club and that you appreciate their support.

USAA membership changes & Safe Sports

If you’ve not already read/heard:

Coaches, please remember to take the free safe sport course at:

Saturday Practice 9-15-12 *TBD* + Texas Shootout

Practice this Saturday is to be determined. We’re watching the weather
to see if we can have practice this Saturday. I should have an update
by Friday evening. Please check your email, the website, or Facebook
for updates on Saturday morning just to be sure.

If we do have practice, it’ll be at the usual time and place: 8:30am
to 11:30pm at Central Baptist Church.

Whether we have practice or not, our members are strongly encouraged
to take time to check out the fantastic archers that will be competing
this weekend at the Texas Shootout taking place at Texas A&M. Max
will be shooting. Max informs me that all of the Olympic team members
will be shooting. More details like location, parking, and schedule



South Region Indoor Nationals – College Station

This weekend, March 2 – 4, A&M is hosting the South Region Indoor Nationals at the Rec Center.  Friday 6pm, Max and Melanie will be shooting.  Melanie will be shooting the JOAD line at 12:30pm, Saturday.  Max will be shooting the Saturday 5:30pm line.  Melanie will be shooting the Sunday 9am line.  I encourage you to stop by, check it out, and show them your support!

If you want more information, please check the link above.

Deadline for 4-H Postal League – Dec 16

I want to remind everyone that the deadline to register for 4-H archery (and other shooting sports) postal league is Dec 16.  It’s a great and easy way to participate in a tournament.  For those who’ve never competed before, this is a great way to start.  It’s convenient and inexpensive.

Register online at 4-H Connect.

Each shooting sports discipline entry is $10.

If you need help, use the quick reference.

Coaches Training – Deadline Jan 2, 2012

As mentioned in last month’s 4-H Standard newsletter, there’s an opportunity to get/renew your level 1 coach training for archery or other shooting sports disciplines.  (Archery, muzzleloading, pistol, rifle, shotgun).  Registration is due by January 2, 2012; fee is $120 (with half reimbursed by Adult Leaders).  Training will occur Jan 21 to 22, 2012.

This is a great opportunity for parents to learn the basics of archery and safety; you’ll be able to volunteer as a coach and help us out.  It’s a great way to gain a better understand of the sport.  Register on 4-H Connect.

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Postal Leagues – 4-H registration ends Dec 16

Sometimes, it’s hard to find the time to travel to shoots.  It’s always nice when we have shoots nearby.  There’s also postal leagues where you shoot at club practices and the coaches mail in your results.  There’s two upcoming postal leagues:

  • 4-H Shooting Sports Postal Leagues
    • Registration deadline: December 16
    • Register on 4-H Connect
    • See the flyer here
    • Fee $10 per entry
    • Runs from Dec 17, 2011 to April 13, 2012
    • Shoot during our Saturday practices (and possibly during our JOAD Tuesday practices)
  • JOAD Mail-In Tournament
    • No registration deadline
    • See information here
    • Fee $10 per entry; $15 for team entry
    • this indoor session run from January 1 through March 31
    • Shoot during our JOAD Tuesday practices

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Upcoming Tournaments

  • Victoria County
    • Date: October 27 – 29
    • Location: Straight Arrow Archery Center, Victoria County
  • Dewitt County
    • Date: November 3 & 5
    • Location: Friar Ag Building, Cuero, Texas
  • Matagorda County
    • Date: November 17 & 18
    • Location: Bay City Fair Grounds
  • Aggie Invitational
    • Date: December 2 – 4
    • Location: A&M Rec Center
    • Entry Fee: $20
    • Deadline: November 20

Bow for Sale

Howdy all,

I have a friend trying to sell his recurve setup so he can get into compond. The following is what he is selling.

The riser is a “Hoyt Aerotec RH 23”

The limbs are a “Hoyt 550 carbon/wood 32# long”

this is everything else:
Cartell sight
cavalier clicker
7 ACG’s (spine 660)
2 cartel 11″ side rods
cartel extender
cartel V Bar
Cartell 30″ long rod(all the cartel stabilizer stuff matches.)
and Aurora Bowcase(the red backpack)
Retail…. roughly $1500. He is asking $850.
This is a pretty good deal. Can’t remember everything about this bow but I’m pretty sure everything is in good condition.