Safety Rules

Basic Rules

  1. Never dry fire a bow
    • Dry firing a bow is when you pull the bow back to full draw without an arrow and let go of the string
    • Dry firing can cause you and the bow serious harm
  2. Only aim down range at the targets, never at anyone or anything else
  3. Always check your equipment first before shooting
    • Arrow length
    • Limbs of the bow
    • String
  4. If you have long hair, it needs to be in a hairstyle that has your hair away from the shoulder area
  5. If you are wearing any jewelry, please take it off, because it could be a hazard to your health if the string gets caught on it
  6. Also for your safety we have whistle commands that will be used at every practice and tournament
    • 2 whistles means that you can get your equipment and straddle the shooting line; but don’t nock an arrow
    • 1 whistle means that you can begin to shoot your arrows
    • 3 whistles means to stop shooting and to go get your arrows
    • 4 whistles mean that there is an emergency on the shooting line, You need to stop immediately what you are doing, step off the line and wait for instructions
  7. When pulling arrows, if someone is already pulling his/her arrows, step back more than arms-length so you don’t get hurt
  8. Walk. Do not run down-range
  9. No horseplay

Additional rules

  • Always use a bow stringer; it will reduce the possibility of injury to you or your bow
  • Check your bow for cracks or twisting
  • Check the condition of your bowstring regularly; wax the bowstring regularly
  • Only nock an arrow at the shooting line, after hearing the whistle command
  • Shoot straight in front of the target you are at; don’t shoot diagonally
  • Don’t shoot a cracked or bent arrow
  • If you drop an arrow at the shooting line, don’t pick it up
  • Only one or two people should be pulling arrows at a time at a target
  • If you don’t have a quiver on and you have pulled arrows, hold them in a bunch, gripping them at the tip end
  • Do not put a bow on the ground; you might damage the bow
  • Don not take your bow with you when you are pulling arrows; put the bow on the bow stand before pulling arrows
  • Make sure you are wearing an arm guard and finger tab
  • When pulling an arrow, have one hand flat on the target and the other on the shaft; both hands should be in contact before starting to pull